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CA. T.P.Ostwal- Interview on NDTV about Tax Residency Certificate Confusion in light of Finance Bill 2013.
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Heartiest congratulations to Mr. Anuj Gajraj Shah
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News 3
Mr. T.P.Ostwal has been nominated as member in the Advisory Group on International Taxation and Transfer Pricing constituted Government of India, Ministry of Finance
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T.P. Ostwal & Associates (Regd.) has been rated as Best Tier 3 Firm of India International Tax Review 2011.
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News 5
T.P. Ostwal & Associates ( Regd. ) has been rated as Best Tier 3 Firm of India by World Tax 2o10 & 2011 -The Comprehensive Guide to the World's Leading Tax Firms.
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Our Strategy
In today's environment, the tax and regulatory function must contribute to financial performance of a company like any other part functions. This is vital at a time when opportunities as well as threats are coming from so many different directions.

Markets are opening up around the world. Global, multilateral and bilateral trade pacts continually influence market and supply chain structures. Delivery channels are multiplying, with many removing barriers to entry. Corporates are increasingly pursuing market space through mergers, acquisitions and alliances.

As ownership and operations spread cross borders, the complexity of tax and regulatory compliances grows exponentially. Managing this complexity goes well beyond tax and regulatory compliance planning.

The benefits of using tax to an organisation competitive advantage are too important to underestimate. Ability to capitalize on low effective tax rates, whether domestically or across multiple jurisdictions, can directly impact market valuation. How tax is treated in a transaction can be critical in determining the success of a new venture.

Tax, in other words, can no longer be treated as an afterthought; it has to be an integral part of an organisations forward planning for an organisation. The ability to minimize tax and maximize value depends on ability to implement a forward-looking tax strategy.

Moreover, to be successful, the speed at which ideas are put into action is critical.

Today's business needs an advisor who can not only work in formulating effective tax and regulatory strategies, but also has the experience to help implement effectively and swiftly. With deep experience in all areas of taxation and regulatory consulting, our aspiration is to team with our clients in creating value for their organisation. To do this, we:
  • Understand Client Business
    We take time to analyze our clients' business objectives, operations and markets, so that we are properly focused on their tax and regulatory strategy.

  • Focus on New Business Models
    Whether businesses are looking at creating an e-Business venture or outsourcing, whether clients are looking to merge, acquire or franchise domestically or across jurisdictions, we are ready to advise our clients on the tax and regulatory implications.

  • See the Whole Picture
    Our solutions look beyond the effect on a single tax or regulatory aspect. Rather, we take into account the resulting impact across an array of taxes and regulations.

  • Put Ideas to Work
    We continually strive to look beyond the obvious and challenge conventional thought to craft innovative tax and regulatory solutions. At the same time, we firmly believe that every idea is only as good as its effective implementation. We are focused on putting ideas to work for our clients.
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